Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

If you keep up with my Instagram stories, then you’ll probably already know that my dinners are pretty basic and I don’t stray too far from what I know.

I am at the gym at 5.30pm and get home at about 6.45pm. By this time I am starving so always tend to go for the normal easy meals that I know how to cook and that won’t take long to make.

This is why I love HelloFresh!

Firstly, the meals are easy and quick to make with clear instructions (loved the instruction cards!).

Secondly, I got to enjoy a bit of variety and excitement in the new recipes that I have never cooked before. While I do love roast veggies and eggs, I loved having salmon, beef, chicken, halloumi and pork for dinner all in one week.

Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

I ordered the box for 5 dinners for 4 people. This meant that my partner and I had dinner and lunch every day which was awesome! Super convenient and it meant we didn’t have to do any food prep on Sunday.

If you struggle with your lunches then I highly recommend you do the same. Having leftovers for lunch the next day just makes life so much easier.

One thing I found, and I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing (haha) is that the portion sizes are a little smaller than what we are used to having at dinner. This actually suited me well as I know my dinner portions are often way to big (my eyes are bigger than my stomach), and I end up feeling super full and uncomfortable before bed. HelloFresh meals are all portion controlled, so if you're like me and struggle to eat the right amount of food, this will be helpful! However, for a few of the meals, I felt the portions were not quite big enough for our lunches. Nothing a few boiled eggs couldn’t fix!

Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

The meals were all delicious and made with fresh nutritious ingredients and NZ grown produce.

The meals I chose were:

  1. Sweet Mustard Chicken & Roast Veggies with Spinach & Feta

  2. Pork & Creamy Peppercorn Sauce with Roast Veggies & Mash

  3. Beef Kofta Mezze Plate with Fattoush Salad & Leon Pepper Fries

  4. Seared Salmon Sushi Bowl with Avocado & Wasabi Mayo

  5. Garlic & Oregano Haloumi Tacos with Lime Aioli & Caramelised Onion

Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh
Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

Seared Salmon Sushi Bowl with Avocado & Wasabi Mayo

My favourite meal out of the 5 was the Salmon Sushi Bowl. I LOVE salmon and I couldn’t wait to cook this meal. I don’t buy it often because it is pretty pricey and just tend to buy a cheaper fish such as cod, so this meal felt like such a treat. I was surprised at how freakin’ tasty the ginger and garlic rice was and could have quite happily eaten the rice on its own 😂

Tasty Dinners with HelloFresh

Pork & Creamy Peppercorn Sauce with Roast Veggies & Mash

Our second fave has got to be the Pork & Creamy Peppercorn sauce. This is definitely a meal we will be making again! I am not really a big pork eater, no reason why other than that I don’t really know how to cook it and to be honest I don’t think I have ever cooked pork myself (except bacon!). So I was super stoked with how this recipe turned out and how tasty it was. The mashed potato, tender pork and creamy peppercorn sauce…..the BEST combination 🤤

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved doing HelloFresh and will definitely order it again. The meals were so tasty, nutritious, easy to make and I loved not having to think about what to cook, what to buy etc. Plus each meal was so different and exciting which made me really look forward to making dinner each night 😊

If you want to give HelloFresh a go and see what all the fuss is about, click this link for $35 off your first purchase! Trust me, here it’s worth it.

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