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The Mind Body Challenge


The Mind Body Challenge is a unique 12 week wellness and weight loss program designed to help you quit diets and finally reach your health goals by helping you discover what exactly healthy living means for you and how we can make it realistically work for the rest of your life.

The program includes everything you need to slowly figure all this out including easy to make delicious recipes, nutrition education, healthy habits, home workouts, stretch routine and my personal favourite, weekly mindfulness challenges.

On top of the guide you’ll have the guidance and support of myself, Chloe, together with the support of our private Facebook group.

I’m passionate about helping you as much as I can and I think with a little structure and support, you’ll come out of the 12 weeks full of confidence and can finally live the healthy lifestyle you deserve, on your own terms!

Built Around the 5 Pillars of Healthy Living

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Eat Whole Food

This means eating meals that include wholesome natural ingredients like fruits and veggies, free-range meat and eggs, and nuts and seeds. By eating these natural foods, we’ll be able to nourish our bodies with all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to live the healthiest life we possibly can.


Be Active

Just 20 minutes a day is all you need to be in control of your weight, to combat against common health conditions and diseases, to sleep better and to promote a more positive mood. This can range from working out in the gym, attending your favourite group class to simply going for a brisk walk.

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Stay Hydrated

Hydration plays a key role in ensuring your body is functioning optimally including aiding in its ability to cleanse and detox effectively, lubricate joints, and maintain body temperature.

Stretch Daily

Stretching for at least 5-10 minutes every day helps us to stay injury free by making sure we stay sufficiently flexible in our joints, promotes good posture and improves blood circulation.


Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep enables you to have more energy, make better food choices, improve your stress and anxiety levels and positively influences your mood.

What the Program Includes

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The Mind Body Challenge includes everything you need to succeed each week and finally make the long term changes you desire. All our content and recipes are broken down into 12 separate weeks and are delivered in one easy-to-access PDF that you can read and download on your digital device of choice.


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Simple Delicious Recipes

Each week, you’ll be introduced to around 6 or 7 new recipes. All the recipes you’ll be making are super easy to create, use as few ingredients as possible, are nourishing for your body and honestly taste great! There is also a blank meal plan and shopping list available each week to help you plan your own meals.


Basic Nutrition Education

Each week has an educational theme to help keep things organise. I believe that it is essential that we all learn the basics of nutrition so that we can make better more informed decisions for ourselves and our families when it comes to our health.


Fun Mindfulness Challenges

Each week you’ll be introduced to a new mindfulness challenge that is designed to help you better manage your stress and anxiety and to help you have a positive mindset in a world of information overload.


Daily Stretching Routines

Each week includes a 5-10 minute stretching routine for you to complete. Daily stretching helps us improve our blood flow, helps us avoid injury and considering how much we sit every day; we can’t afford not to.

Essential Healthy Habits

Each week will include one new healthy habit for you to try. By slowly incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you will start to see a shift in mindset toward what ‘healthy’ means for you and what is sustainable for the way you live


Home Workout Plan

Each week includes 3 full-body workouts and 1 core workout for you to do either at home or at the gym. If you aren’t a member of a gym, perhaps this will help you to get started.

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Bonus Resources & Downloads

Throughout the program, you’ll find various quick reference lists, worksheets and daily checklists that are available for download. These downloads are great print outs for your fridge so you can easily keep track of your progress and find what you’re looking for.

Full Support Available

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Part of achieving your own personal success is to have all the support you need around you. So when you sign up, you’ll get instant access to our private FB community which includes everyone going through the guide as well as myself. I’ll be able to help answer any questions you might have while you’ll be able to post your recipe creations or be able to vent in the groiup without being judged.

Alternatively, if you wanted to bundle up your eBook purchase with personal nutrition coaching over the 12 weeks, you’ll be able to do that too!

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How it Works

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Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll slowly introduce you to a wide variety of healthy meals, ideas and habits. Each week, you’ll give them a go deciding what works for you and what doesn’t along the way. 


Step 1: Review Weekly Guide

You’ll start each week by going through your weekly guide and planning for the week ahead.

Step 2: Take Action

You’ll commit to giving each new recipe, workout, habit, and tip your best go.


Step 3: Choose What Works

You’ll be able to pick and choose what meals and healthy habits you really enjoy and want to stick with.

Healthy Living Should be Balanced, Enjoyable & Sustainable

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Our biggest mission with the program is to show you that living healthy does not mean you need to completely cut everything out or stress over and track every calorie you consume. This is what most diets encourage you to do and it simply does not work long term. Instead, we simply need to slowly build the right habits into our daily lives, make better more consistent food choices and ultimately discover what is right for us and us only.

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Hey, I’m Chloe 👋

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I’m born and bred in New Zealand where I completed a BSc majoring in Human Nutrition and Sports Exercise Science at Massey University in Auckland.

I am a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer with over 8 years of nutrition consulting and personal training experience.

Prior to completing my degree, I too struggled with bloating, stomach upsets and other digestive issues. This is when my interest in nutrition and health began and why I’m so passionate to help empower other women to feel confident and happy with who they are and where they are going in life!

“My goal for you is that after the 12 weeks, you’ll have discovered what works for you, have found out what healthy meals you really can look forward to and have developed the essential daily healthy habits & routines you need to live a healthy life on your terms.”

Start Today

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I want you to get the results you deserve and I promise to do everything in my power to help you accomplish them but I respect and know that you work really hard for your money and investing it in another nutrition program can be nerve-wrecking.

That is why we have our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if you simply decide the program isn’t right for you. 

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Digital eBook Only

NZD $79.95

  • The Full 12 Week Program eBook

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

  • Full E-mail & Message Support

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Digital eBook + Coaching Bundle

NZD $259.95

  • 3 x 30 Minute Monthly Coaching Calls

  • The Full 12 Week Program eBook

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

  • Full E-mail & Message Support

“Love Chloe! I have the 12-week plan and the ebook and all the recipes are easy, don’t need lots of items and no strange ingredients. Also, I love that some of the recipes use store cupboard ingredients to make it easy to whip something up. Her sweet treats have been a saviour at work when I get hungry. Also, she always has time to answer questions here or via email. She’s a fantastic wealth of knowledge!”
— Annya Boyd
“Chloe and her ideas bring so much happiness to people like myself who still want to enjoy food but food that is created in a healthy manner. We all appreciate the work that you do Chloe and hope that you continue to help us with our healthy living journey.”
— Lynn Mariano Vasquez

Full Program Breakdown

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+ Week 1: Your Mindset

A healthy body starts with your thoughts. Once your mindset is on the right track your body will follow.

+ Week 2: Carbohydrates

Learn what carbohydrates to eat to stabilise your blood sugar levels and encourage your body to burn fat.

+ Week 3: Kitchen Make-Over

Healthy eating starts in the kitchen. Learn what foods to buy and what to avoid to allow you to make healthy eating easy and avoid temptations.

+ Week 4: Emotional Eating & Habits

We know we shouldn’t be eating certain foods, but why do we still do it? Learn how to stop emotions that are controlling your food choices.

+ Week 5: Food Prep

Learn how to food prep to suit your lifestyle. A little time set aside during the weekend will save you hours during the busy work week.

+ Week 6: Sugar Cravings

Food cravings ultimately come down to your blood sugar levels and habits. Learn how to get rid of your sugar cravings once and for all.

+ Week 7: Portion Sizes

Too much of any food can sabotage your weight loss goals. Learn how to portion control to suit your body.

+ Week 8: Food Labels

Learn how to decipher tricky foods labels and discover what to watch out for when buying food products.

+ Week 9: Gut Health

The gut is the second brain and is responsible for important processes in the body that affect our metabolism, hormones and weight loss.

+ Week 10: Food Intolerance

Learn how to diagnose common food intolerances and how to change your diet to suit your body.

+ Week 11: Hormones

Learn how to balance your out-of-whack hormones to encourage weight loss and weight balance.

+ Week 12: Real World Challenges

Socialising, alcohol and loss of motivation are just some things that as human beings we struggle to control. Learn how to deal with these real world challenges may lead you off track.

Healthy Habits


Week 1: Our Nutrition Philosophy

Week 2: Your Gym Routine

Week 3: Prioritizing Sleep

Week 4: Importance of Hydration

Week 5: Morning Hydration Ritual

Week 6: Eating Enough Good Fats

Week 7: Sit Less, Stretch More

Week 8: Eliminating Food Chemicals

Week 9: Eating More Fermented Foods

Week 10: Going Gluten & Dairy Free

Week 11: Essential Supplements

Week 12: Avoiding Takeout

Mindfulness Challenges

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Week 1: Practicing Mindful Eating

Week 2: Walking More

Week 3: The 5 Minute Journal

Week 4: Meditation

Week 5: Avoiding Negative News

Week 6: Social Media Detox

Week 7: Messaging Loved Ones

Week 8: Mental Health Music Playlist

Week 9: Daily Self-Care "To-Do" List

Week 10: Decluttering

Week 11: Jar of Awesomeness

Week 12: Laugh More, Laugh Often

Want a Sneak Peek? 😀

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+ Is there a daily diet plan?

Each week there there will be one new recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy treat and snack &/or smoothie. It is not a diet plan where I tell you exactly what you will be eating for every single meal. I have simply provided you with the right tools you need to plan your healthy own meals and be in control of what you eat. This helps create long term habits that you enjoy and can maintain, no more diet plans 🙂

+ Do you include calorie information for each recipe?

I have not included the calories or macro content for the meals. The reason for this is that in my experience this way of controlling your food intake is difficult for most people and not sustainable long term. I have come up with other methods for making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need into every meal that I feel is easier for everyone to achieve on a daily basis.

+ I've tried diets before, how is this different?

My approach as a nutritionist is different in that I seek to help you slowly and effectively change your nutrition habits and lifestyle. Diets are unrealistic and definitely is not something you can do long term. The 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation focuses on habits and education so you can learn how to make the best decision for your health and actually maintain your goals forever.

+ Is it GF, DF, Vegan, Paleo etc? 🙂

All recipes are gluten-free and don’t contain any refined sugar. There are some recipes with the option to add cheese but other than that they are all dairy-free too. The recipes are not all vegan however many of the recipes are vegetarian.

+ What if I have any questions or need help?

We have created a private Facebook group to help as many people as possible. The group is filled with hundreds of others who have the same goals and going through the same experiences that you are. The group has daily themes that I have created to help you the best I can. I am also always available on Facebook message or email if you need any extra help or if you just want to chat.

+ Will I lose weight in 12 weeks?

Yes you totally should start noticing very noticable changes. You will also feel more energised, sleep better and feel confident in your ability to make healthier decisions on a daily basis. The eBook is designed to be the last "program" you ever do by giving you the tools, resources, support and education to make better health decisions for you and your family, forever.

Get in Touch

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I’m more than happy to help with anymore questions you might have for the program or anything else you need help with.

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