Nutrition Coaching

Chloe Moir


There are SO many diets to choose from and way to much information out there.

I’ve been there before, even as a nutritionist I know what it’s like to feel off balance and confused. If you’re seriously considering making changes to the way you live, including your nutrition, exercise, mental wellbeing, and stress management, you may want to experience the benefits of working with a qualified nutrition professional 1-1 who’s dedicated to your health and goals.

The more we know about our bodies, our food, and our well-being, the sooner we can recognize that we have a powerful ability to impact the way we feel every day and the better we can care for ourselves.


My Philosophy

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My method is centered around all aspects of balanced health in your life – nutrition, mental/emotional wellness, and fitness. You’ll learn to listen to your body and explore what works for you! Together we’ll create a vision, goals, and a personalized action plan. You’ll get ongoing support from me and tools for creating a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to empower you to live whole and feel your best. 

The consultations are educational and will cover what to eat, when to eat and what to buy to allow you to make long-term healthy decisions. Your dietary intake will be closely monitored through a food diary, and regular follow-up sessions to keep you on the right track to achieving your personal goals. 


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Intro Chat

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Before we begin, let’s jump on a quick call and chat about your goals and what you’re looking to get out of working together. This will help us decide if nutrition coaching is the right path you should take or if an alternative might be a better option.

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