5 Health Foods to be Aware of


1. Almond Milk 

I filmed a previous video about almond milk and why it may not be the best drink and also how to choose a good one. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it and wanted to check it out.

In summary, most almonds milks and in fact most non-dairy milks that you buy in the cartons, contain sugar, vegetable oils, chemical thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives etc (these will be listed as numbers in the ingredient list).

These ingredients will all cause inflammation, free radical damage to cells, disrupt hormones and just cause other issues in the body that be should really be trying to avoid.

I recommend you ALWAYS check the ingredient list, and to be safe buy organic because generally they don’t contain rubbish ingredients. Or make your own which is super easy, I make my own cashew nut milk. I like cashew milk because you don’t need to strain it so it only takes like a couple of minutes. I do have a recipe for cashew milk and you can check it out here.

2. Couscous

Couscous looks pretty healthy but it is actually just little balls of pasta (which is why it tastes so good!). So it is a simple and processed carb, with a nutritional profile very simple to white pasta….so pretty much not a lot of nutrients at all.

If you were to look at the ingredient list of couscous it would say white flour, or wheat flour and then maybe egg water and probably some other ingredients too.

A great alternative to couscous is quinoa, I prefer white quinoa. Or amaranth is another grain which I think is a grain that is most similar in texture to couscous. it’s sort of like quinoa but a lot smaller. And both quinoa and amaranth are whole grains so they haven’t been processed at all, so packed full of loads of nutrients.

3. Protein bars

These bars are often promoted as a good way to get protein into your diet, but firstly especially females, it is very easy to achieve your body’s protein requirement through food alone without needed to add things like bars into your diet.

Protein bars are very processed and don’t usually contain any ingredient really that is in a natural form. For example, the first ingredient in most protein bars is some sort of whey protein or soy protein isolate in compared to the first ingredient in like a natural bliss ball might probably be ground up almonds.

Now I am sure some brands of protein bars are better than others but they are almost always sugar-free which means they contain artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, which I highly recommend we avoid eating.

Instead of a protein bar, something I do and I recommend you do as well is make your own protein bars. I have a couple of bar recipes on my website which are actually high in protein from all the nuts and seeds, plus you could even add a scoop of all-natural protein powder if you wanted. Or else go for a whole food option such as boiled eggs or a handful of pumpkin seeds for a high protein snack.

Spirulina Energy Bars

Muesli Bars

4. Wraps

Wraps do seem like a healthy alternative to bread. But if you checked the ingredient list of wrap that you commonly buy in the supermarket, you will honestly be so shocked at how many chemical additives and numbers and vegetable oils are in these.

I have once bought the brand Mountain Bread which are actually made with good ingredients. I just got them from my local health shop but I think some supermarkets do sell them as well.

Here is a recipe for homemade buckwheat wraps

5. Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are another food that we think are healthy because they are low in fat, and low in calories which they are. But they are also packed full of so many rubbish ingredients.

Generally from what I have seen it is the smaller rice crackers, that contain vegetable oil, loads of salt, sugar sometimes and chemical flavourings which we should definitely avoid.

A better option for rice crackers is the large rice cakes, if you get the natural or organic ones. Because usually the ingredients in these are these are only rice and a little bit of salt.

However, because those are the only ingredients there is not a lot of nutrients in them, there's just not much too them really….pretty much just rice. So a couple of these rice cakes wouldn’t really fill you up and satisfy hunger if you were having them as a snack. What I would recommend that you do if you eat these, is add some healthy fats and protein to them. So like avocado or hummus, egg, or nut butter which really does taste good.

In summary don’t always believe the claims on the front of the food packet. As these claims can often be misleading and make us think foods are healthier than they actually are.  Always check the ingredient list as this is the only way you can really know what is actually in the food and if it really is good for your body or not.

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