Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods

Sugar is literally hidden everywhere! So many of our every day food products that we wouldn't expect, are actually loaded full of sugar. I am more specifically talking about foods that we think are healthy and that are sort of promoted as healthy food products. I am not talking about coco-pops or fanta as I think we all know how much sugar is in those and that we should eat them.

1. Muesli

Muesli is definitely known to be a healthy option compared to a lot of breakfast cereals.

For this muesli that I am using as an example in the video; for one serve (which is 1/3rd of a cup) there is 8.9g of sugar, which is equivalent to 2 and ¼ tsp sugar.

2. Yoghurt

For this apricot yoghurt one serve is 150g and it contains 14.4g of sugar which is equal to just over 3 and half teaspoons of pure sugar.

3. Milk or almond milk

The next food is milk, and this is a good one because a lot of people drink milk and some people drink A LOT of milk. This one I have here is Calci trim so it’s lower in fat and it 1 cup of milk contains 12.9g of sugar which is equal to just over 3 1/4 teaspoons of pure sugar

It is all natural sugar that is found in milk. And when you think about, milk needs to contain a huge amount of fat, sugar and macro nutrients because the only reason for milk is to grow a baby cow or a calf. 

Almond milk is something else to think about as well. If you do buy almond milk or like rice milk is another one. Make sure you buy unsweetened because they contain quite a bit of sugar as well. 1 cup of almond milk contained 6.2g of sugar which is just over 1 and half teaspoons of pure sugar.

Another milk that was interesting was Up and Go. I am not sure how many people drink up and go but 1 cup of the chocolate flavour Up & Go has 19.3g of sugar which is equivalent to 4.8tsp of sugar so just less than 5 tsp.

4. Muesli bars

One bar contains 8.1 grams of sugar, which is equal to about 2 teaspoons. I also looked at some Weight Watches bars and one bar contained 11g of sugar, which is equal to just less than 3 tsp of sugar.

 5. Orange Juice

This is a bottle of freshly squeezed oranges (80%) and orange juice concentrate (20%). For 1 serve which is this bottle it contains 37.1g of sugar which is 9 ½ tsp of real sugar. This is why you are better off to have one piece of orange instead of juice. 

5. Sti Fry sauce

This is a lemon chicken stir fry sauce that you add to your meal. It serves 4 people, and for 1 serve (1/4 of pack) it contains 12.4g of sugar 3.1 tsp of sugar.

How much sugar are you actually eating in one day?

Let’s say you have muesli, yoghurt and milk for breakfast. You have a nut bar for a morning snack, a juice with lunch and a stir fry with this sauce for dinner. This would equal to 23.6 tsp of sugar in your day and that is not including all the other little things in your day.

I do really recommend that you start checking the packets of the foods you eat, you may surprised at how much sugar you actually consuming in a day, remember that 4 grams of sugar on the packet is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar.