5 Foods I will Never Eat

This video and blog post is about 5 foods that you will never see me eating! Now I am all for moderation….moderation is the key to making this a lifestyle change and not just a 2 week diet. But the foods that I am going to mention now are foods that just don’t appeal to me at all, mostly because they are filled with so many different chemicals that I we should just not be putting in our bodies.  

1. Protein bars  

Protein bars are super processed, I am sure there may be some brands that are better than others but I personally stay well away from them all. They are often sugar-free which means they contain artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. There is so much research and scientific evidence now that suggests artificial sweeteners just wreak havoc in your body. They ruin your gut health, and also they stimulate your appetite and make you crave sugar.

Instead of a protein bar, something I do and I recommend you do as well is make your own protein bars like the muesli bars from my blog are actually high in protein from all the nuts and seeds, plus you could even add a scoop of all-natural protein powder if you wanted. Or else go for a whole food option such as boiled eggs or almonds for a high protein snack.

Homemade muesli bar recipe
Spirulina energy bar recipe

2. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are loaded full of sugar (some brands for 1 drink it can containing up to 10 tsp) or if it is sugar free then it will be full of art sweeteners. They also contain a lot of caffeine (some having up to 5 times the amount compared to a cup of coffee) and loads of chemical flavours and acids. They contain a range of different stimulants which will increase your heart rate, increase blood pressure, and can even cause a degree of anxiety.

A better option for a fizzy drink would be kombucha, or soda water with lime, mint and sliced fruit. Otherwise if you drink energy drinks for energy boost I would focus on increasing healthy fats and protein into your diet through foods such as almonds, walnuts, eggs, coconut or greek yoghurt as a few examples.

3. Margarine

A few years a go the whole world was convinced that we all need to replace our butter with margarine, there was little information back then about what margarine actually is. It is in fact refined vegetable oils or hydrogenated polyunsaturated fats (that cause a lot of inflammation and issues in our body). The spread also has added chemical flavours, colours (without these colours the margarine is actually a grey colour) and chemical emulsifiers.

I recommend for a spread alternative you can use humus, avocado, nut butter or organic butter and for using in baking I would again choose butter, coconut oil or ghee.

 4. Processed meats

Next is processed meats. These are meats like salami, ham and other deli meats. They are most definitely from animals that are raised in confined spaces, I highly doubt they will be free range. These deli meats often have loads of preservatives, chemical colours and flavours added to them in the form of nitrates, which can cause many different health issues. 

I understand that for a lot of people these deli meats are an easy option to add to lunches. Something you could do at the start of the week, roast up a chicken and shred the meat off to have instead.

5. Microwave popcorn

In the microwave proof bags there is a chemical coating around the bag and when it is heated is leaches into the popcorn. This particular chemical has been shown to disrupt your bodies ability to make and release certain hormones. There are loads of chemicals used as the butter favouring as well.

Something I do is make my own popcorn, its really easy! I buy organic popcorn then cook it in a pot with some coconut oil and organic butter then sprinkle over some Himalayan salt. Much healthier and also so much cheaper than buying the microwave packets.