Q&A #2 - Why Am I Always Hungry?

“Why am I always hungry?” - a question I think we can all relate to every now and again! 

Tip # 1 – Balance your blood sugar levels

Processed foods will spike your blood sugars, spike your insulin which will then lead to cravings, hunger and low energy levels. With processed carbs (bread, pasta, cakes) there isn’t an off switch, your body releases dopamine which is a hormone that makes you feel really good and you keep eating.

To stop the hunger, eat only unprocessed carbs like quinoa, wild rice, pumpkin etc. and avoid the processed ones.

Tip # 2 - Add more healthy fats to your meals

Fats will turn off hunger hormones, and they actually stimulate the body to make a particular hormone that will calm your hunger and suppress your appetite. Like what I mentioned with blood sugar levels, fat will help to stabilise blood sugars.

My fave healthy fats are nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive or avocado oil, salmon and other fatty fish and avocado.

If you currently don’t have much fat in your diet then I would suggest you slowly add more just so your gut can get used to it, adapt and start producing more fat digesting enzymes.

Tip # 3- Are you really hungry??

My third tip is think about whether you are hungry and really do need food or if you just want food and want to eat. Being hungry is a biological mechanism where you get physical symptoms such as grumbling stomach or you get 'hangry'. This is where you actually need to eat.

Now it is easy to confuse hunger with having an appetite where you just want to eat and desire a particular food. And this is more of a psychological or emotional drive. To distinguish between the 2 you need to become more mindful when you are eating and really think about why you eating, and the signals your body is actually sending you. 

If you are struggling with emotional eating then check out my 12 week Mind & Body Transformation where I teach you how to deal with and stop this behaviour. 

Those were my 3 main tips, I would also suggest you are drinking enough water because quite often we think we may be hungry but really we are just a bit dehydrated. And also getting enough sleep, sleep does mess with your hunger hormones a bit and makes you feel hungry, so make sure your head hits the pillow for 7-9 hours each night.

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