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I believe in helping you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle one step at a time. My process may take longer than other diets and programs out there but after years of working 1-on-1 with clients I saw a common theme.

They try too much, too fast and ultimately their old habits return after failing to sustain such a high expectation. I understand how difficult it is to resist temptation, start something new and to change old habits.

That’s why in the guide I aim to teach new habits, recipes and lifestyle changes at a steady pace. I want to empower you to succeed and give you the easiest tools available to make it feel effortless.




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The first key to eating healthy is making sure you actually love the food you eat. The second is that it is super simple to make and prepare. It's all about testing and experiencing different meals till you find what you love.  In these  7 days I'll introduce you to a few popular yummy recipes to get you going.

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This 7 day experience introduces you to one of the most important changes to make, your mindset. We'll look at goal setting, self acceptance, visualizing your success and affirmations and gratitude.

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Over the next 7 days you'll receive e-mails to help kickstart your healthy lifestyle. I've included some of my top recipes and tips to make this change easier for you.  

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The last key to creating long-term health success is surrounding yourself with people that are supportive of your goals and that understand the journey you are on. Included is a fun, active and supportive FB community as well as full e-mail support from me anytime you need it.

Chloe knows just how far to push and with her encouragement and help I have succeeded. She has taught me so much over the last couple of years both physically and mentally.
— Lisa Wickham

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The 7 Day Experience is Available in Both Original and Vegetarian


About our community 


Our online community is all about inspiring, educating & motivating you to take control of your health & wellness for the rest of your life!

I have a HUGE passion to help empower woman to feel confident and happy with who they are and where they are going in life! The world can be a mean place sometimes and I want you to know you are not alone. It’s incredible what you can achieve when you feel supported and happy and I wish I could help every one of you in the world feel this way.



+ Is there a daily diet plan?

Each week there there will be one new recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy treat and snack &/or smoothie. It is not a diet plan where I tell you exactly what you will be eating for every single meal. I have simply provided you with the right tools you need to plan your healthy own meals and be in control of what you eat. This helps create long term habits that you enjoy and can maintain, no more diet plans 🙂

+ Do you include calorie information for each recipe?

I have not included the calories or macro content for the meals. The reason for this is that in my experience this way of controlling your food intake is difficult for most people and not sustainable long term. I have come up with other methods for making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need into every meal that I feel is easier for everyone to achieve on a daily basis.

+ I've tried diets before, how is this different?

My approach as a nutritionist is different in that I seek to help you slowly and effectively change your nutrition habits and lifestyle. Diets are unrealistic and definitely is not something you can do long term. The 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation focuses on habits and education so you can learn how to make the best decision for your health and actually maintain your goals forever.

+ Is it GF, DF, Vegan, Paleo etc? 🙂

All recipes are gluten-free and don’t contain any refined sugar. There are some recipes with the option to add cheese but other than that they are all dairy-free too. The recipes are not all vegan however many of the recipes are vegetarian.

+ What if I have any questions or need help?

We have created a private Facebook group to help as many people as possible. The group is filled with hundreds of others who have the same goals and going through the same experiences that you are. The group has daily themes that I have created to help you the best I can. I am also always available on Facebook message or email if you need any extra help or if you just want to chat.

+ Will I lose weight in 12 weeks?

Yes you totally should start noticing very noticable changes. You will also feel more energised, sleep better and feel confident in your ability to make healthier decisions on a daily basis. The eBook is designed to be the last "program" you ever do by giving you the tools, resources, support and education to make better health decisions for you and your family, forever.