What foods should I eat to support healthy spinal cord function?

This comprehensive guide will help you understand a topic that is often ignored - the healthy diet for spinal cord function. Based on scientific research , this article provides you with information about the foods that contribute to spinal health. Not only is it important to avoid back pain, but also improve your quality of life and overall health.

What is the Importance Of A Spine Healthy Diet

The spinal cord, as the main highway of your nervous system is crucial to the ability of your body to feel and move. Healthy eating can maintain the spinal cord's function and structure. It also helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing in cases of injury. A 2018 study in the Global Spine Journal found that nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and magnesium play a vital role in spinal health.

Getting Started

Balance is important. There is no single food that contains the entire amount of nutrients required for your spine. A varied, whole-foods diet is therefore recommended. Consult a health care provider or nutritionist prior to making significant changes in your diet. This is especially important if you already have a pre-existing condition.

Spinal cord health: Foods to Eat

More Tips and Suggestions

Water is essential to keep your discs, the cushioning between vertebrae, hydrated. Exercise, especially strength training and flexibility exercises are also important for spinal health. Smoking and drinking excessively can cause osteoporosis or other issues related to the spine. Maintain a proper posture to avoid unnecessary stress on the spine.


Diets that support healthy spinal cord functions contain a balance of minerals and vitamins, protein, good fats and fiber. Not only should you be concerned about your diet, but also with maintaining a healthy life style that involves drinking enough water, working out regularly and abstaining from harmful behaviors. Your spine literally is the backbone to your body. It's important that you take care of it!