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About The Challenge


The Get Fit Challenge is a 6 week fitness challenge for ladies in Auckland that are looking to work out in a fun and supportive environment while increasing fitness, strength and ultimately achieving those health & wellness goals.

The Get Fit group class sessions are a great way to have fun, make new friends, stay motivated and feel supported on your journey to a healthier you.

Whats Included

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Group Classes

Every week for 6 weeks you'll attend 3 x group classes with me where we'll do a combination of cardio and functional weight training exercises in various HIIT circuits aimed at maximizing your results.

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Challenge Book

The Get Fit Challenge guide will have everything you need to help you get the most out of the next 6 weeks including, how to prepare for the challenge, nutrition basics, goal setting, a full body assessment and your home workouts with full descriptions and pictures.

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Recipe book

As an extra bonus for joining the Get Fit Challenge you'll receive a copy of The Nourishing Kitchen recipe book which will get you into the kitchen making deliciously simple yet healthy meals for you and your family. 

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Working together with like minded people is AWESOME and one of the best ways to stay motivated and on track with our goals. Of course I'll also be with you every step of the way to support you with anything and everything.

Location & Times


All of our classes are run out of Fortitude Fitness in Onehunga and will be from 6:30am - 7:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the challenge.


Sign Up


Our next challenge starts this Monday, the 20th of May and runs for 6 weeks.

You’ll receive email notification of your booking once you’ve completed the checkout process.



+ Can I shower & change at Fortitude Fitness?

Yes, there is one shower and changing rooms on site.

+ What fitness level do I need to be?

All fitness levels are welcome! Each workout and exercise can be personalised to your fitness levels. If you are a machine in the gym then I'll be sure to give you a heavy kettlebell, and you will naturally to more reps. If are a beginner that is perfectly fine too! We will start off with a light weight or even body weight and slowly work up as your get stronger and improve your technique.

+ Will you be there to help me with technique for the exercises?

Definitely! I will be taking each group session we have together and be by your side the whole time to help you with each exercise and your technique.

+ Will I lose weight during the 6 weeks?

If you are exercising regularly, eating a nutritionally balanced diet as well as looking after your body in general then it is highly likely you will lose weight, or more specifically lose body fat (not necessarily weight).

The Get Fit Programme has been designed with fat loss in mind. The regular training session, the recipe book as well as my personal help will encourage your body to find a more balanced and healthy body weight. If at any point of the programme you feel you are not getting the results you are after, then chat to me about it and we can tackle it together!

+ What if I can't make all the classes?

It is super important that you turn up to every class each week. Before you sign up make sure the class time suits you and you make the commitment to yourself. If you can't make a session, I will be very sad and probably make you do extra burpees at the start of your next session. 😀

+ Do I have to do the home workouts?

I HIGHLY recommend you do the home workouts if you want to get the most out of the Get Fit Challenge. They are nothing too crazy, there is one yoga and abs session and 1 cardio session and are a lot of fun.

+ Is there a diet plan included?

No, if you looking for a nutrition program to follow please have a look at the 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation eBook.

However, the welcome book in the challenge contains basic nutrition advice that will get your making small but impactful chnages right away.

As part of the programme you will also recieve a copy of The Nourishing Kitchen recipe ebook which is packed with over 100 simple and tasty recipes that you can use to plan your meals over the 6 weeks.

Get In touch


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form below or leave your number to request a call back.

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