Homemade Melting Moments

Homemade Melting Moments
Homemade Melting Moments
Homemade Melting Moments

I am super excited to team up with The Wholesome Co to create and share this recipe for the most AMAZING Melting Moments….like seriously the best biscuits I have ever made! 🤤 They actually do melt-in-your-mouth, and once you sandwich the sweet cashew butter icing in between two biscuits....ahh SO GOOD! 😍

A couple of months ago I discovered The Wholesome Co and the lovely founder Lauryce through Instagram. I now include their Woman’s Hormone Health Blend and Glowing Skin Mix into my diet everyday after being beyond impressed with the ingredients! I either add a spoonful to my smoothies in the morning or my salads at lunch time.

For the Melting Moments I used a 1/4 cup of their Glowing Skin Mix to add a boost of extra nutritious goodness to these yummy biscuits….plus the vanilla flavour does taste amazing! Of course for the recipe this is optional and if you don’t manage to get your hands on a tub, simply substitute it for a 1/4 cup of ground oats, ground almonds or even protein powder.

Lauryce has kindly given our community a discount code to use on all of their Health Tubs which is ‘ChloeYum15' and will give us 15% off at checkout.


  • These biscuits are a wee bit crumbly (like melt in your mouth crumbly how melting moments should be!). So be careful with them and always eat them off a plate 😁

Thanks The Wholesome Co for partnering with us on this post and video. We only partner with brands that we LOVE and are excited to share with our amazing community 😊. 


Homemade Melting Moments


1 & 1/2 cups ground almonds
1/4 cup tapioca flour
1/4 cup Wholesome Co Glowing Skin Health Tub Mix
Pinch of sea salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup coconut oil, softened
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp maple syrup


1/2 cup cashew butter
2 Tbsp cacao butter, melted
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees fan bake.

  2. In a bowl whisk together all of the dry ingredients.

  3. Add the wet ingredients and mix to combine. If the mixture is too wet, add additional ground almonds or tapioca flour.

  4. Take a small spoonful of the mixture (about a heaped teaspoon) and roll it into a ball. Place on a baking paper lined baking tray and flatten slightly with a fork. Don’t make the biscuits too flat as they spread during baking.

  5. Place the tray in the freezer for 20 minutes before baking the biscuits for 12 minutes at 180 degrees.

  6. Take the tray out of the oven and leave on the bench for 10 minutes before carefully placing the cookies onto a cooling rack to cool down.

  7. To make the icing, mix together all of the ingredients.

  8. One the cookies have fully cooled down to room temperature, sandwich a heaped tsp amount of icing between 2 cookies.

Makes 20 biscuits, or 10 melting moments

If you make this recipe then please tag me on Instagram or Facebook as I LOVE seeing your creations and I really appreciate your help in growing this community 😊💛

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