What is the best diet to support thyroid health?

We will discuss thyroid health, and how diet can help maintain it. The thyroid gland, which is a butterfly-shaped small gland located in the neck, has a major role to play in metabolic processes. It can affect your health in a profound way if it is not functioning properly. You'll learn how to modify your diet in order to promote thyroid health and support the function of your thyroid.

What is a Thyroid Supporting Diet?

Healthy thyroid gland is important as it regulates the metabolism of your body, from heart rate to weight. Unbalances may lead to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. These conditions can affect energy, mood, cognitive function, etc.

Certain nutrients have been found to be essential for thyroid health. Harvard Health Publishing states that these nutrients include zinc, iodine and selenium. These nutrients, when consumed in a balanced diet, can maintain thyroid health and lower the chances of developing disorders. It's important to note that, while diet can help support thyroid health and reduce the risk of disorders, it should not be taken in place of any thyroid medication prescribed by your physician.

How to Start a Thyroid Supportive Diet

It's best to speak to your healthcare provider before making drastic changes in your diet. You can get advice based on the needs of your particular situation and they will ensure that any changes you make won't interfere with ongoing treatment or medication. They can also monitor thyroid hormone levels in order to determine the efficacy of your diet modifications.

Balance is the key. It is just as dangerous to consume too many nutrients as it is not enough. According to Mayo Clinic, excessive iodine may cause thyroid problems.

Recommendations for the Thyroid health

Other Tips

Other lifestyle factors, such as diet and stress management, can affect thyroid function. Exercise, sleep and stress management can all be important to overall health and thyroid function. Avoid consuming too many cruciferous and soy vegetables as these can affect thyroid function.


While diet cannot treat thyroid disease alone, it certainly can play an important role in managing thyroid symptoms and supporting thyroid function. Combining a balanced diet with an active lifestyle will help maintain thyroid health.