What are the best ways to increase my intake of bone-supportive nutrients through diet?

The article below will help you to improve your diet by adding nutrients that promote bone health. Bones are essential to our health and require specific nutrients in order to remain strong and functional. This article will help you understand which nutrients are important for bone health, and how you can increase the intake of those nutrients in your diet.

Increase Your Bone Supportive Nutrients Intake

The remodeling of our bones is a continuous process whereby old bone tissue gets replaced by new. It is important to provide enough nutrients for this process, especially calcium, vitamin D and protein. A lack of nutrients can lead to weak bones and conditions such as osteoporosis. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that adequate intake of these nutrients could reduce fracture risk and increase bone density. Incorporating bone-supportive nutrition into your diet will help you maintain optimal bone health.

Important Points for Getting Started

It's important to know that all nutrients are not created equally. Bioavailable nutrients are those that your body can absorb and utilize more easily. Calcium from dairy is easier to absorb than calcium from plants. Harvard Medical School also stresses that vitamin D aids in calcium absorption. A balanced intake of the two is therefore recommended. For overall health, it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet and not focus on single nutrients.

Foods Rich in Bone-Supportive Nutrients

Other Tips

Regular physical activity can improve your bone health. This includes weight bearing exercises. According to National Institutes of Health, sodium and caffeine can interfere with calcium absorption. Smoking and reducing alcohol intake can both improve bone health.


To conclude, it is important to increase your intake of nutrients that support healthy and strong bones. You can support bone health by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin D, calcium, protein and other nutrients. A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential to your overall health.