What foods should I eat to boost my immune system during flu season?

This article will answer the question 'what food should I consume to boost my immunity during flu season'. It is impossible to overstate the importance of good nutrition for a healthy immunity system, particularly during flu season. In this article, we'll talk about the benefits of certain foods to immunity. We will also discuss how you can incorporate them into your daily diet and other tips for a more comfortable flu season. Let's get started!

Nutrition and Immunity

It is important to adopt a healthy diet that includes foods with immune-boosting properties, especially during the flu season. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published research that shows a link between diet and immunity, which includes the flu. Our bodies will be better able to fight off infections and heal faster if they do get sick if our nutrition is good.

Neglecting these foods could have negative effects. According to a study published in Nutrients, diets that lack essential nutrients may lead to an impaired immune system and make us susceptible to diseases like flu.

Important Points for Getting Started

Consider the research -backed points below before adding immune-boosting food to your diet. Balance is the first thing to consider. Harvard School of Public Health stresses that having a well-balanced diet is the key to boosting immunity. Second, try to avoid as many processed foods as you can. A study in Current Opinion in Biotechnology found that these foods often have high sugar levels and additives, which weaken the immunity system.

Foods that Boost Immune Systems During Flu Season

Other Tips

Other lifestyle factors can also affect your immune system. You can stay healthy by exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and using stress-management techniques like meditation or yoga. Mayo Clinic agrees with these statements, stating that an holistic approach is the most effective way to boost immunity.


The foods that you eat can have a significant impact on your immune system. This is especially true during the flu season. Diets rich in citrus, kiwi and spinach, almonds and nuts, as well as other foods such green tea and chicken soup, yogurt and green tea can boost your immune system. Balance is important, but also take into account other factors of your life, such as sleep, stress management, exercise and vegetables. This flu season, stay healthy!