What are the benefits of increasing bioflavonoids in your diet?

This article will explore the benefits and importance of increasing your dietary intake for bioflavonoids to improve your vascular health. The reader can expect to learn how bioflavonoids function in the body, where they come from, and what role they play in maintaining or improving vascular health.

Bioflavonoids and Vascular Health

The bioflavonoids (also known as flavonoids) are plant-derived compounds. They have numerous health benefits and play a significant role in maintaining cardiovascular health. These compounds help to improve blood circulation through strengthening the capillary wall, decreasing inflammation and being antioxidants.

According to studies published in European Journal of Nutrition, diets rich in flavonoids may lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on the same topic, stating that an increased intake of flavonoids could reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Bioflavonoids may have many benefits but excessive consumption can lead to side effects like nausea and diarrhea. It's better to consume bioflavonoids through a healthy diet than via supplements, unless your healthcare provider advises you otherwise.

Get Started With Bioflavonoids

It's essential to understand the natural sources of bioflavonoids before increasing your consumption. Bioflavonoids are found in many fruits and vegetables. Bioflavonoids are not the only nutrients found in these foods. They also contain other important nutrients which contribute to overall good health.

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that the consumption of foods rich in flavonoids, such as berries, was linked to lower blood pressure. Incorporating these foods in your diet could be beneficial to vascular health.

Bioflavonoid rich foods

Other Tips

It's important to have a healthy diet, and maintain an active lifestyle. Limiting saturated fats, processed food and sugar can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, maintaining a healthy body weight and managing stress are important for vascular health.


Bioflavonoids can be a powerful tool to improve vascular health. These foods boost circulation, decrease inflammation and have antioxidant properties. You can enhance your overall health by incorporating foods rich in bioflavonoids into your diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle.