What is the relationship between diet and sleep?

The phrase "We are what we eat" is a powerful one, particularly when it comes our neurological health and sleep habits. Our diet has a significant impact on our health, which includes our brain and sleep. This article explores the relationship between diet and sleep, neurological health and how we can improve our dietary habits. We also offer tips for a healthy dietary lifestyle and provide examples of food that is good for sleep and brain.

The importance of diet in sleep patterns and neurological health

Diet plays a significant role in determining our sleeping patterns and neurologic health. Numerous studies show that specific nutrients are able to improve the quality of sleep as well as brain function.

In a study published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, researchers found that people who consume more fiber tend to spend longer in deep restorative sleep. A diet high in saturated fats was associated with a less restful night's sleep. Research from the American Academy of Neurology suggests that eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats can lower memory loss risk and help maintain cognitive health.

Get Started with Dietary Modifications to Improve Sleep and Neurological health

Start by including nutrient rich foods in your meals to reap the benefits. Balanced diets consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains with lean protein can help improve sleep and cognitive function. Regular mealtimes, reduced caffeine consumption, and the reduction of heavy foods, spices, or sugary food can all contribute to better sleeping.

Foods that are Beneficial

Other Tips

Regular exercise can improve your cognitive and sleep health. Exercise can reduce stress and anxiety which are factors that disrupt sleep, and have a negative impact on neurological health. Avoiding bright screens prior to bedtime can help you sleep better.


Conclusion: Diet plays an important role in our neurological and sleep health. By incorporating foods rich in nutrients into our meals we can enhance the quality of our sleep and our brain functions. A healthy body is the key to a healthier mind. It all begins with your food.