What changes in diet can help you recover from bariatric surgeries?

This article will discuss the different dietary modifications that you can make to help your recovery after bariatric surgeries. Understanding that nutrition is important for your recovery and long-term success after surgery, it's vital to know. Let's explore how these diet changes can help you heal, as well as the best foods to eat and other tips. Let's delve in!

Understand the importance of diet modifications post-bariatric surgery

Modifying your diet following bariatric procedures is important for many reasons. They promote faster healing, and help prevent complications like dumping syndrome. These changes also help to establish healthy eating habits which support weight loss over the long-term.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that highlighted the importance of protein consumption after bariatric surgeries. A high-protein intake promotes wound healing and helps to maintain muscle mass. It also aids in weight loss.

Important Points for Getting Started

Consult your medical team before making any changes to your diet. Your healthcare team will give you personalized nutritional advice, based on the type of surgery and your health condition. Mayo Clinic reports that gradual progress is the key. Start with liquids, move on to soft food and then regular meals. The progression is spread out over a few weeks to allow your stomach to adjust to its new structure.

Example of Dietary Modifications that Support Recovery

Other Tips

It's important to remember that it is not only about what you consume, but also the way you eat. Eat slowly and chew your food well. It can improve digestion, absorption and prevent complications. Carbonated beverages and straws can cause discomfort in your stomach by introducing air. It is important to follow up with your health care team regularly in order to track your progress.


Following bariatric procedures, diet modifications are crucial to the long-term recovery of patients and success of their procedure. Healthy eating habits and a balanced diet that includes lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help you to lose weight and heal faster. Individual needs are different, and you should always speak to your doctor before changing any diet.