Zinc's Role in Nutrition

This article will explore the important role zinc plays in nutrition and health. This article will explain why zinc is so important to the body, what one can do to ensure they get enough, and any potential dangers of inadequate intake. You should be able to understand the importance of zinc in nutrition by the end of this article.

Zinc and Nutrition

Zinc plays a vital role in our body's functions. Zinc is important for immune function, cell division, DNA synthesis and synthesis of proteins. Zinc also supports growth and normal development in pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.

Several research studies published by the National Institutes of Health show that zinc deficiencies can cause impaired cognitive and immune functions, as well as weight loss and delayed wound healing. Ensuring adequate zinc intake is therefore crucial to maintaining good health.

Starting Out: Ensure Sufficient Zinc Consumption

Zinc-rich foods should be included in the diet to ensure that zinc levels are adequate. This includes meat, beans, grains, whole grains, seeds, nuts and dairy products. According to the NIH, men should consume 11 mg of calcium per day and women 8 mg.

It's important to remember that zinc is essential for the body, but too much can cause issues. Over-consumption of zinc can cause copper deficiency and lower levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind). It's therefore important to avoid excessive zinc consumption and balance your intake.

Zinc rich foods

Other Tips

If your diet lacks zinc, you should consider supplementation. It's important to speak with your doctor before beginning any new supplement regime. The cooking method can also affect the nutritional content. Choose cooking methods which preserve the maximum nutritional value, like steaming or roasting.


Zinc is essential for our health, as it supports a variety of bodily functions - from the immune system to cell division. It is important to maintain good health by ensuring adequate zinc consumption, mostly through the diet. Balance is important, because both zinc deficiency or overconsumption may cause health problems. Remember to include zinc-rich food in your diet, and talk with a doctor if you are considering taking supplements.