What can I do to balance my diet and improve the acid-base ratio of my body?

It is important to know how to maintain a healthy acid-base ratio in your body. Maintaining good health requires a balance between alkalinity and acidity. The article will provide information on why maintaining a healthy acid-base balance is important, how to start, foods to eat to maintain the equilibrium, as well as additional tips.

The importance of a balanced diet for acid-base balance

It is important to maintain the proper acid-base balance within our body for optimal health. When the pH of our blood is slightly alkaline (around 7.4), we function optimally. Modern diets tend to be acidic, which disrupts this delicate pH balance, causing health issues such as kidney stone formation, muscle degeneration, and decreased bone density.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that found high-acid foods could increase calcium excretion and contribute to osteoporosis. A diet high in alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables has also been linked to higher levels of bone density.

Important Points for Getting Started

It is essential to know your current eating habits before making any changes. Acid-forming and alkaliforming foods are classified based not only on the pH of their food, but also on how they affect urine pH after digestion. Lemons, for example, are acidic in nature but alkalize the body when consumed.

Journal of Renal Nutrition published research that suggests the consumption of foods with alkaline forms and the reduction of foods with acidic forms can restore the acid-base equilibrium.

Foods that can help maintain acid-base balance

Other Tips

Consider drinking lots of water in addition to adding more alkaline foods to your diet. This will help flush excess acids out. Exercise can help maintain a healthy balance of acid and base by removing acid waste from the body through sweat. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine published a study that showed regular exercise could cause an alkaline shift within the body.


It is important to manage your diet in order to achieve a healthy acid-base equilibrium. This balance can be achieved by a balanced diet that is rich in alkaline foods and adequate hydration. Balance is key, not eliminating all acid-forming food. Consult your healthcare provider prior to making any significant dietary changes.