How to Choose the Right Almond Milk


I see so many people now making the switch from cow's milk to almond milk or another sort of non-dairy milk.  If you find your body just doesn’t agree with dairy (which most of our bodies don’t) then it is a good idea to avoid it.

However, the issue I have with almond milk and other non-dairy milk, is that so many big food companies are jumping on board with this whole dairy-free concept and there are now A LOT of options when it comes to dairy-free milk. So it can be quite tricky to know what is a good one and what is not.

From what I have seen in the supermarkets most almond milk and other non-dairy milk are just filled with a lot of rubbish ingredients. The only ingredients that should be in almond milk is almonds and water - maybe a little sea salt, but that’s really it

This morning I was at Pakn’Save and I had a look at some of the almond milk that they had. The brands that I looked at, the ingredients did vary a little, but most contained vegetable oils (both canola and soy), chemical emulsifiers, chemical thickeners, synthetic vitamins, natural flavour (and we actually don’t even know what these natural flavours are).

This was mainly in the unsweetened varieties, which were the ones I was looking at. But I did also notice that the original ones, (sweetened) the first ingredient after water was cane sugar. So in my opinion, I actually think cows milk is probably better for your body than those some of those nut milk varieties.

What you need to do is check the ingredient list always before you buy. Have a look at what exactly is in the milk. Same goes for all non-dairy milk, rice, oat etc. The only almond milk I have seen that have been ok and I would drink, are the organic brands.

They usually just contain, water, the nut (almonds etc), a little salt and I think I saw just a little brown rice syrup. Some supermarkets may stock an organic brand, otherwise, check out your local health food shop.

The best thing you can do is make your own. It really is not that hard, it will mean you know exactly what ingredients are in it, plus it often works out to be cheaper than buying it in the supermarket.

I make my own cashew milk, and I prefer cashew milk because you don’t have to strain it, so it’s a bit easier to make. Almond milk you would need to blend it then pour it through a muslin cloth to strain out any of the bits, but cashew milk you don’t need to do that.

Here is my recipe for cashew milk if you were interested in making it yourself.