7 Health Hacks for Busy People


1. Smoothies

I love smoothies, I have one every morning for breakfast! Not only do they taste amazing but they are super easy and quick to make. 

If your mornings are busy, maybe you are running around getting the kids ready fro school or you just like a little sleep in before work then smoothies are for you!

You could make your smoothie first thing in the morning and drink it while you get ready or else freeze it then take it to work with you.

2. Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are the easiest food to cook, plus together with an avocado and tomato you  have a balanced meal made in under 10 minutes.

Something my sister does is boils a pot of eggs, and places them in containers in the fridge. In the morning she grabs 2 eggs to take with her for breakfast once she gets to work. This saves her so much time in the morning. 

3. Weekend Meal Plan

Sit down over the weekend and plan what you are going to eat for lunch and dinner. From this plan you can make a shopping list and buy everything you need.

This will save you time during the week, you will spend less time wondering what you are going to have for dinner that night and less trips to the supermarket and probably save money on buying less takeout too.

4. Exercise Quality over Quantity

There is no need for you to spend 30 minutes on the cross-trainer followed by 1 hour of weights. You could instead plan a 20 or 30 minute HIIT session that you can do at home or at the gym.

Not only will this save you time, you will be working harder and most likely increase your fitness faster too.  . 

5. Socialise and Exercise Together

Instead of catching up with a friend for lunch then exercising in the evening, why don't you meet your friend and exercise together. You could do a gym class together or go for a walk.

This will save you time, plus your exercise will be so much more enjoyable!

6. Sleep Early

I can not stress enough how important sleep is for your health. If you are tired you just wont feel like getting things done, and you won't be as productive with everyday activities. Make sure you sleep for between 7-9 hours each night.