Full Body Workout #2

How cute is Molly in this video!? She always loves to get amongst the action 😂.

As an option with this workout, you can add weights for the split squats. Hold dumbbells in your hands or rack kettle-bells up on your shoulders - this is totally up to you!

Always warm up before doing any sort of workout like this and remember technique is always a priority over how fast you complete it or how heavy you go with weights (if you add weights). If you are unsure about your technique then I would highly recommend you book a couple of sessions with a qualified and experienced personal trainer where they can help you out. 

Full Body Workout #2

Complete 3-4 rounds:

  1. Split squats x 10 each leg
  2. Tricep dips x 10
  3. Hollow hold x 30 seconds
  4. Plank taps x 20
  5. Jumping lunges x 20

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