My Top 5 Health Hacks for 2018

In this video I share my top 5 health hacks that I recommend every single one of you implement into your lifestyle from today. All of these 5 hacks are things that I do everyday and every week and I really do believe help me to stay healthy feeling great.

These hacks you will notice are all things that we should be doing and not so much things that we shouldn’t be doing. Because when you start making changes in your life, if you are only focusing on getting rid of old habits it is going to be quite hard compared to if you only focus on creating new habits then naturally your old habits will stop or decrease. 

Hack #1 - Sleep early and wake up early

I have always been an early riser, I have never been someone that could sleep in until 11am and that is because I go to bed early.

I find waking up early and especially exercising early in the morning just makes you feel amazing and you really do seem to have more time in the day…for things like a morning workout, having a nourishing breakfast etc. I find if I wake up late, I just tend to feel lazy all day, I am hungry when I wake up so don’t feel like exercising, , I am rushing around trying to get things done.

If you currently go to bed late and struggle to wake up in the morning and would like to take my tip of board and change this you need to remember that your body needs to get used to a change in sleep pattern. If you straight away go from waking up at 8.30am and you set your alarm for 6am it is going to be pretty hard. You may even struggle to fall asleep if you get into bed early. So you just need to give your body time to adapt and maybe slowly make your alarm go off early. If you currently wake up at 8.30am and go to bed at midnight then start by setting your alarm at 8am and go to bed at 11.30pm.

Hack #2 - Hydrate first thing in the morning and drink more water general

I think we all know why it is important to drink water and stay hydrated and it really is just doing it that is the hard part.

The first thing I do in the morning is have a big glass of water mixed with my greens powder the glass is about 350mls and then straight after that I have a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon. So before really start my day I have had 700ml of water.

Smoothies are another great way to increase your fluid intake. And just get yourself into the habit of drinking water throughout the day. Pretty much everywhere I go I will have my water bottle with me and it really has juts become a habit to drink it. I have a 2.2L bottle which I think is great because you fill it up in the morning and you know you need to finish it.

Hack #3 - Only eat meals you love

I used to think years ago and I am sure many people think this, and that is that a healthy diet consists only of steamed broccoli, chicken and brown rice. When I was at uni I used to eat a boring salad with a tin of tuna for lunch each day. I hated that meal and I remember in the afternoon I would always end up eating junk food and snacking on rubbish. And now that I sort of have more experience and know a bit more I think I used to eat rubbish in the afternoon because I felt so deprived after my boring lunch.

So definitely make sure that you find healthy meals and healthy recipes that you enjoy eating and that you look forward to eating. 

Hack #4 - Walk more

I do believe that we should be trying to move our body as much as possible and be more active in our day-to-day life. Especially because for most of us we have a desk job that requires a lot of sitting and inactivity.  

Increasing my walking is something that has personally helped me to tone up more and get a little leaner. I now will walk on every other morning that I don’t go to the gym. And even my gym mornings, if it is a nice night I sometimes will go for a walk after dinner.

I also find that morning walks and getting outside are just amazing for your body mentally, when I am doing my morning walk I always get feelings of gratefulness and positivity that I feel stay with me for the rest of my day.

Hack #5 -  Allow yourself to eat treats

For example, if you love chocolate…..which I am sure everyone does do not deprive yourself of chocolate and tell yourself you can not eat any chocolate. You need to allow yourself to have these treats but just learn how to eat them in moderation.

I love making healthy treats which I will do once a week. I don’t have treats everyday, usually I make something on Friday to enjoy over the weekend. But sometimes if I am at the supermarket and I am really just feeling like chocolate then I will buy a small block of dark chocolate and eat it.

I hope you all found these hacks helpful and super easy to incorporate into your lifestyle :)