How to Achieve Your Goal in 2018

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, New Years and a nice relaxing holiday and now ready to put all the holiday eating behind you because I think we could all agree (including myself) that a lot of festive eating has gone on over the last 2 weeks.  

This is the time of year where everyone seem to have new years resolutions and setting goals for this year and mostly these are health goals and weight related goals. Which I do think is amazing, we should always make health a higher priority so I did just want to give you a few tips around how to successfully work towards achieving these goals.

Make short term goals

So most of the time we tend to set long term goals such as losing 10 kilos or running a half marathon or even broad goals like eating healthy this year. While these are great and good to have in the back of your mind, it is super important to make short term goals as these are the steps you need to take to achieve those big goals.

So for example, taking your lunch to work each day and buying it on a Friday or going for a walk on the days you don’t go to the gym. So set weekly goals to make sure you stay on the right track and allow you to achieve your long term goals.

Also as humans when we achieve goals it really motivated us to keep going. So if you are only focusing on those 10kg it is going to take a long time to achieve that. So achieving your short term goals each week or even each day will help to keep you motivated and feeling like you are actually making a difference.

Make a plan and write it down

Sit down every Saturday with a Monday – Friday planner and write down what you are doing for exercise each day and what meals you are going to make. From this you can make yourself a shopping list and maybe go to the markets on Saturday morning and buy your food for the week.

I would also stick this plan somewhere you see everyday and also tell at least one other person your plan and this will help you with accountability. If Monday says 30 min walk and stir fry for dinner and it is stuck up on your fridge, your partner knows about, it’s highly likely you will do it. As apposed to just having a plan in your mind with no one else knowing then it becomes easy to skip.

Only change one thing at a time

If you try to change too much at once or try to be perfect straight away then it is going to become way to hard and stressful on your body. So I see people all the time that plan from Monday (it’s always a Monday) that their food is going to be perfect, no take-ways, no chocolate, no coffees, exercise every single day which sounds good at the time but once you start doing it will be challenging and 2 weeks in you just can’t maintain it anymore. 

I guess it does depend on what stage you are at with your health journey. If you are almost at your goal then being more strict on yourself my be easier but if you are only just starting to make changes then you just have to start slow. Start with only changing one new habit, then once you get used to that you can work on something else. So a good idea, if lets say you are really struggling with every aspect of your diet then I would suggest this week you only work on your breakfast, don’t worry about anything else for now.

Those were 3 of my top tips that I wanted to share with your guys I really hope you found them helpful and let me know if you have any questions at all :) 

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