My 5 Favourite Protein Sources

This video is on my 5 favourite protein sources that I include in my diet regularly. Remember that everyone is different, you might follow a vegetarian diet or your body may thrive on more animal protein sources, so like with everything it is about figuring out what is best for you and your body. There is no one way of eating that suits us all.

I personally don’t eat a lot of meat, I do eat some but mainly just chicken and fish. And I definitely have more meat-free days than I do meat days. This is not for any particular reason at all, but I think a big factor for me personally is the cost of good quality animal products. I prefer to only buy high quality such as free-range, hormone free, grass-fed and preferably organic so this does come with a higher price. To balance out the costs I eat less of it, I choose quality over quantity, and eat a lot of vegetarian meals. But also I genuinely love vegetarian meals as well and just don’t really crave meat.

I do believe that we would all benefit from eating more vegetarian meals. It is quite common for the meat or the protein source to be the main part of a meal, it really the vegetables should be the main part of every meal.

Remember I am all about listening to your body and eating what makes you feel your best! There are loads of other great protein sources that I haven’t mentioned here like legumes such as black beans or lentils and even greek yoghurt, they are all great so keep that in mind as well.

1. Free-range eggs

The first protein and this is probably my favourite and it is eggs. I always always choose free-range eggs and I buy them from local markets or just the supermarket. I eat the whole egg, yolk and all I have never separated the yellow as this is where all the healthy fats are and a lot of the nutrients. I love eggs because they are super easy to cook, they are really filling and they taste really good. They are my go-dinner if I have nothing planned, so I always will have eggs in my house. My fave way of cooking is frying in coconut and poaching them!

2. Nuts and seeds

Nuts are another easy way to get protein into your day and I love nuts! I always roast up a tray of mixed nuts and seeds and just keep them in a container in my cupboards. These are roasted in tamari sauce and salt and herbs, it is actually a recipe in my 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation ebook, they are so yumm! And I add a couple of spoonful’s to all my salads, snack on them and I just add them to everything.

3. Plant based protein powder

The next one my list and this is a protein source that I have everyday and it my protein powder. I use an all-natural pea protein powder, and the one I love is Nuzest.

There are loads of different protein powders out there now and to be honest most of them contain a whole lot of rubbish, ingredients that just don’t need to be in there. So make sure if you are having protein powder look at the ingredient list and check it is all natural.

Click here to read more about protein powder and how to choose a good one for you. 

 4. Free-range chicken

Similar to my eggs I will always buy free range chicken. I think chicken is great because it is such a versatile protein source you literally can add it to any meal. Often if I see a recipe that use and pork or beef mince I just use chicken and it always tastes great.

 5. Fresh fish (snapper and salmon) 

I usually have snapper or another similar white fish and also salmon. I actually LOVE all seafood! A love fish as not only is it a great source of protein but it is also high in omega-3 fats which support the healthy functioning of your body.

What protein foods to avoid

The only protein sources I recommend you stay away from are the processed ones like salami, bacon, frozen chicken nuggets, ham, turkey slices and processed soy products. Keep everything at natural as possible.