6 Health Foods I Eat Everyday

I wanted to share with you all top 6 food ingredients that I include in my diet every day that I believe keeps me healthy. I really feel that these 6 products together with a balanced and nourishing diet really do optimize my health. 

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A greens powder (more of a food product than a food!) is a concentrated powder form of green vegetables and one little teaspoon will provide you with a healthy boost of vitamins and minerals, sort of like a multivitamin. Because the nutrients are in their most natural form they are more easily absorbed by the body compared to synthetic vitamin pills. 

I have this green powder every single morning, as soon as I wake up on am empty stomach. I just mix a teaspoon with a large glass of water and skull it back. I do recommend that if you are looking to optimise your health then definitely try out a greens powder. You can add it to smoothies or mix it with water like I do.


Spinach is great because it is seriously packed full of so many nutrients. It is high in fiber and vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and the B vitamins etc. 

I add 2 big handfuls into my smoothie every morning. I add some to my salads for lunch and sometimes to my dinner depending on what we are having. I think it is amazing in smoothies because you seriously can not taste it at all. So if you do have drink smoothies, grab yourself a bag of spinach next time time your in the supermarket and try it out.  


I use coconut oil for everything! All of my cooking and baking, I use it to make raw treats and I even use it to moisturize my skin and to take off my make up :D

It is also a saturated fat which makes it ideal for cooking and heating at high temperatures. This is because a saturated fat remains stable under heat and doesn’t not oxidise. Compared to cooking with a vegetable oil which contain polyunsaturated fats that oxidise when heated and create free radicals in the body which then go and damage healthy cells.  

Coconut oil is also antibacterial which means it helps to eliminate the growth of bad bacteria in the body.


I use raw cacao powder every single day in my morning smoothie and also when I make healthy treats which is once a week.

Raw cacao powder is a little bit different to cocoa powder in that is raw and unrefined so it has all of its enzymes and natural beneficial compounds intact. Compared to cocoa powder which is heat treated and denatures a lot of the beneficial enzymes.

When you hear people say that chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants, it is this raw cacao powder that contains all the goodness. These antioxidants protect cells in our body from oxidation and damage which in turn will keep you looking and feeling healthy.


kombucha is a fermented tea drink which naturally contains loads of beneficial probiotics to keep our gut healthy. It is super important to keep your gut healthy as an unhealthy gut can lead to all sort of issues such as digestive problems, low immune system and hormone imbalances.

I make my own Kombucha as I found it was more cost effective....and so fun! Here is what I do: brew 3 green tea bags (you can also use black tea) with 1 L of boiling water and add 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar. Once it has cooled to room temperature you add in the SCOBY. I let it brew for 5-7 days then bottle it and leave it for another 5-7 days before drinking. I now brew 7L at a time and use the same above ratio.  

You can't buy SCOBY form the store, you sort of have to be given some from someone else who already makes kombucha. Or else you can try making SCOBY from store-bought kombucha...which I have never tried but does look promising. 


Raw nuts are the most perfect snack, I have them everyday in the afternoon. They are full of healthy fats which satisfies your hunger and they don’t affect your blood sugar levels at all. And this is why I think they are the perfect snack if you do feel a little hungry between your meals. I try to not snack on fruit or snacks like rice crackers as I find they just don’t fill me up at all and sometimes even make me hungrier and wanting to eat more.