My 6 Favourite Healthy Snacks

We all like to snack now and then, but the wrong kinds of snacks can be a real trap when it comes to weight loss and staying healthy. Here are my top tips for when and what to eat as a snack between your meals. 

Becareful not to Oversnack!

Firstly before I dive into snack ideas I did want to mention that it is possible to oversnack and I see this with my clients sometimes. This tend to happen for 2 reasons:

The first thing being that people tend to snack on food for emotional reasons and not because they are actually hungry. So for example snacking because you are bored or through habit such as grabbing a snack as soon as you arrive home from work or after dinner snacking.

And secondly people tend to snack too much because they are just not eating enough for their main meals. So you really need to make sure your breakfast, lunch and dinner contain a balance of veggies, protein, healthy fats and possibly some sort of unprocessed carbohydrate.

Snacking is different for everyone

I personally don’t snack too much apart from the occasional handful of raw nuts in the afternoon. And this is because I have pretty big meals that just keep me satisfied. And also my meals are quite close together, so I have a later breakfast and an early dinner.

Snacks are a very personalised thing it really does depend on your goals, how much exercise you do and of course what meals you are having as to how often you need to include snack into your day.

I recommend that you avoid those processed, sugary, and salty typical snack foods that you buy in the shops such as snack bars, crackers mini yoghurts and foods that like. As these just contain no goodness what so ever and will leave you feeling hungry again straight after.  A good snack needs to contain protein and or some sort of healthy fats and needs to come from all natural and unprocessed foods.

Snack Number 1: Raw nuts

This is definitely my favourite snack, if I am hungry I just grab a handful of nuts. I do recommend that you buy nuts that are raw and avoid the salted and roasted varieties, those oils and salts will cause inflammation and are not good for your body.

Snack Number 2: Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are great! I'll have 1 or 2 depending on how hungry I am and boiled eggs are super easy to prepare which is why I like them but of course you don’t like boiled eggs then you can scramble them, fry them in coconut oil or cook them anyway you want. Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats so even one of these bad boys will actually be pretty filling as a snack.

Snack Number 3: Hummus and Vegetable Sticks

The next snack is hummus and some sort of raw vegetable and I usually eat hummus with sliced carrots. It is high in protein from the chickpeas and of course you are getting a fiber as well from the hummus and vegetable. Choose your hummus wisely as loads of supermarket brands so contain added food chemicals and vegetbles oils. A lot of cafes make their own humus with olive oil which is great other wise you could even make your own.

If you are keen to try and make your own hummus then check out my recipes for beetroot hummus and roast pumpkin and carrot hummus. Both super yummy!

Snack Number 4: Greek or coconut yoghurt with seeds and berries

Snack number 4 is greek yoghurt you can use coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit and seeds. The yoghurt will provide your body with healthy probiotics, the natural sugars from the fruit also make it a great pre-workout snack too. This snack is super yum and it makes a good healthy dessert too.

If you do like to snack on fruit I recommend that you team it up with fats or protein like how I have here the yoghurt and seeds. It will just slow down the digestion of the fruit and satisfy you for longer.

Snack Number 5: Healthy homemade Energy Bars

Like what I said at the start I really recommend you stay away from the store-bought muesli bars but you can definitely make you own. These bars are often filled with sugar, gluten and oils that are best we avoid. If you make your own homemade bars you know exactly what ingredients are going into them. Click here for a recipe to some super yummy spirulina energy bars that I love making. 

Snack Number 6: Guacamole and Vegetable sticks

I absolutely love avocado, over summer I have at least half an avo every day in my diet. The healthy fats keep you feeling full and reduce feelings of hunger. To make my guacamole I just mash up the avo with a bit of Himalayan salt, lemon juice, chili flakes and finely chopped tomato. So delicious and really filling.