How to Stay Motivated

A super common question that I get asked is “I how do I stay motivated?” or “How do I stop myself from giving up?”

Let me start by saying, eating healthy every day and exercising regularly is NOT always going to be easy. Even I have days where I don’t feel motivated at all and I really do have to force myself to get out of bed and go to the gym.

I have put together a few tips bellow for you to think about if you are struggling with this thing we call motivation.

Tip Number 1: Do something you enjoy

If you hate your exercise plan or don’t enjoy your meals then you need to change what you are doing. You will simply never be able to stick to something you just don’t enjoy.

Find an exercise routine that you love, this might be a boxing class, a bootcamp with your friends or even something like walking your dog while listen to music….if you are lucky enough to own a dog.

Same with your meals, if you are sick of eating steamed broccoli and chicken breast then stop eating it and try out some healthy meals that actually taste good! If you are stuck for ideas then make sure you check out my page as I post loads of free recipes on there every week to help you all out.

Tip Number 2: Create a schedule and stick to it

I think this is the biggest thing that helps me to stay on track. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to the gym. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I run and Sunday is my rest day. I know for myself if I just winged and didn’t stick to a schedule then I would struggle to get my exercise done! And this might be the same for some of you too.

Same goes for your food, sit down one day of the week and plan out your meals so you know what you will be eating during the week. From this plan, write a shopping list and then do a big food shop. I always plan my meals on Sunday and food shop on Monday – this works for me.

Tip Number 3: Set realistic goals

If you are struggling to stick to your schedule then maybe you have set unrealistic goals for yourself? If you are brand new to exercise and you are planning to go to the gym every single day in your first week then you are going to find it difficult.

Same with food, if you have only just started making changes to your diet and you tell yourself you are going to eat perfectly this week with absolutely NO treats then again it is going to be a challenge.

Always start small. Set yourself realistic goals each week that you know you will be able to achieve. This way you will slowly create new habits that you can you build upon each week without putting your body under stress. 

Tip Number 4: Accept that not everyday is going to be perfect

Perfection is impossible, it is just not sustainable at all. You need to allow yourself to have days where you don’t do any exercise or you eat a treat food and don’t feel bad about it at all. Accept that days like these will always happen.

One thing that works for me, is once a week (every Friday in fact) I make some sort of treat. I eat as much as I want and I enjoy it, I savour every single mouthful and never feel bad or guilty at all. The next day, I completely forget about it and I get straight back into my normal meals and snacks.

Tip Number 5: Forget motivation and focus on discipline

Motivation is short lived, it is impossible to always rely on motivation. Like I said at the start I am certainly not motivated each day but I sort of force myself sometimes and I think that is a form of self-discipline, which BTW isn’t often because I do really enjoy my lifestyle!

Self-discipline comes from routine and consistency. It also comes from doing the first 3 tips that I have just talked about. Set yourself a realistic schedule to stick to and start making some healthy habits, and believe me it does get easier.

Motivation will last for the first 2-4 weeks after that it comes down to discipline to keep you moving forward.

I really hope you found these tips helpful if you are struggling with motivation and staying on track and let me know if you have any questions. Definitely make sure you join the private Facebook group which is a supportive online community filled with loads of other ladies who are going through the same journey you are. Click here to join