How to Control Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is something that isn’t talked about much but it really does control a lot of our food choices. It is a topic that I focused on a lot when creating the 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation. Following a food plan is simply not enough, most of us know what we should and shouldn't eat right? The key to achieving your goals and changing your food is to figure out why you eat the way you eat. This starts with tackling the issue of emotional eating. 

And what emotional eating is, is basically every time we eat we are not really hungry. Does this sound familiar, after a stressful day at work, you get home and collapse onto the couch with a couple of crackers. Next thing before you know, your are halfway through a packet of potato chips. You finish your day feeling sick, out of control, unmotivated and even more stressed about work.

Think About Your Triggers

The first thing to do, is think about your triggers. What triggers you to emotional eat? A good example of a common trigger is boredom (this is actually my trigger too). Other ones are stress, tiredness, uncomfortable emotions, anxiety, sadness and anger. 

Plan Strategies

Next, once you know your trigger, think of a strategy that you can do when those triggers hit. A good strategy that works for me and something I suggest to a lot of my clients is to make a herbal tea and then sit down and drink it. Some other good strategies are getting outside for a walk, meditating for 5 minutes and journaling.

Depending on what your trigger is, emotional eating can take a while to work through and control it. Boredom I would say is an easy trigger to overcome. When your triggers are on a deeper emotional level such as stress or feeling upset then that is when you really need to figure out how to work through and cope with these emotions.

For my clients I always get them to use an emotional food diary. This is where you would record when you emotional eat, what your trigger was or how you were feeling and then think of some strategies to try for next time this trigger hits. 

If emotional eating is something that is really affecting you, reach out to me and send me a message. Sometimes talking to someone about it makes a world of difference.