How to Eat Healthy on Budget

People often think that healthy food and making healthy meals is expensive.  Firstly, it can be expensive if you are not shopping smart. If you buy paleo muesli and organic snack bars then your food bill cost will certainly go up. Thankfully there are many things you can do to keep your weekly costs down and still fill your kitchen with loads of healthy and nourishing foods. 

Tip 1.

Google where you local Farmers market is and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables each weekend. You will pay half of what you would in the supermarket and often the produce is much fresher too.

Tip 2. 

Buy local and in-season produce when shopping at the supermarket. When fruit and veggies are in season they will be much cheaper. If you are trying to buy strawberries in winter, they will be double the price and probably imported from halfway around the world.

Tip 3.

Stick to the outside of the supermarket where you will find all the fresh produce. The inside aisles are the packaged foods that are more expensive and often less healthy too.

Tip 4.

Stock up on pantry and freezer items when they are on sale. The other day I bought 5 cans of tinned tomatoes because they were half the price of what they are usually. You can also stock up on meat and chicken when it is on special as it can be frozen.

Tip 5.

Lastly, I recommend you start buying from the bulk bins. You pay extra for the packaging so head down to you local bulk bin store and stock up on the staple food items where you pay by weight. This is where I buy all of my whole grains such as oats, quinoa and rice. As well as seeds, nuts and dried legumes.