Do I Need to Cut Out Carbohydrates to Lose Body Fat?

A super common question I get asked is….. “do I need to cut out all my carbohydrates in order to lose body fat?” and I understand it can be confusing with all the info out there on low carb this low carb that….so today I wanted to give you my advice and help clear up a bit of the confusion surrounding carbs.

You do not need to cut out ALL of your carbohydrates, you just need to cut out the ones that spike your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that your body releases when you eat carbohydrates. When insulin is high your body will not be burning any fat, instead it will be burning sugar. Some carbs will promote a small amount of insulin which is fine, and some carbs will cause your insulin levels to spike which is not good for your body.

Here are the carbohydrates that will spike your insulin and that I recommend you avoid having in your diet. These are all the processed carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, noodles, cakes, biscuits, pastries and other baked foods. You will see that these carbs are unnatural and  highly processed.. Another note is that eating these processed carbohydrates make you crave more carbohydrates so another reason why you should aim to completely cut them out.

Next we have the carbohydrates that will keep your insulin levels nice stable, which is what we want if your goal is to burn fat.  These are all your natural and unprocessed carbohydrates. Such as sweet potato (my fave carb), pumpkin, brown/black or wild rice, quinoa, oats or buckwheat.

What I recommend you do now is think about what types of carbohydrates you currently eat. Switch all the processed carbohydrates (such as bread) for unprocessed carbohydrates such as sweet potato. So you are not completely cutting out carbs you just changing the types that you are eating. And you will slowly start to notice that you will lose a bit of body fat, you will be less bloated, you will have loads more energy and you won’t crave sweet foods as much.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Comment below if you have any questions, or you are having trouble with making this carb switch. I am always happy to help out each and every one of you.