Strategies to Eat Healthy While You Travel

Strategies to Eat Healthy While You Travel

You may think I am strange but I always plan in my mind my meals and plane snacks before I travel anywhere! Digestion issues and a sore stomach is not ideal for long flights. Most importantly, the last thing I want is to arrive mid-morning in our destination with a big bloated stomach when I still have a whole day in front of me.

I have put together my top strategies to eat healthy while you travel to share with you. With a little planning and preparation it can be easy to nourish your body and feel amazing no matter where in the world you are.

1. In-flight meal

  • Invest in a cooler bag and a few cold packs.
  • Check with the airline and the country you are flying to with the rules of taking food on board.
  • Prepare 1-2 meals depending on how long your flight is.
  • Your meal should be high in protein such as lean meat, chicken, fish, salmon or lamb. Include loads of vegetables whether you prefer fresh salad greens or vegetables that are cooked. Team this up with a low GI carbohydrate such as sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat or brown basmati rice.
  • Taking a container of oats is another great idea, ask the air hostess for a cup of boiling water and you have porridge within 5 minutes.
  • The great thing about taking your own food is that you can eat it at any time. You can also choose to eat small portions more regularly to help with digestion.

2. Decide what you will have for breakfast each morning.

  • Buy a small travel blender that can fit into your bag or suitcase. A nutri-bullet is perfect, it may make your bag a little heavier but your body will thank you for it. Fill up your hotel fridge with bananas, berries, oats, spinach, natural nuts and seeds so you can easily whip up a healthy and filling drink.
  • Take food in your suitcase such as protein powder, chia seeds, spirulina, maca powder for healthy smoothie additions.
  • Buy fresh food from the local store when you arrive at your hotel, all dried foods such as oats, nuts etc. pack in your suitcase.
  • If fresh food is not an option take ½ a cup of oats, add ½ a cup of boiling water (every hotel room will have a jug) cover and let it sit for 10mins. Add mixed nuts, seeds, goji berries for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
  • If you decide to go for the buffet, don’t even look at the pastries! Head straight to the egg station and have an omelette made for you, or to avoid toxic oils choose poached eggs with avocado and slices of tomato. Finish this off with fresh fruit and natural full fat yoghurt and you are good to go!
  • A greens supplement is a must pack! Every morning I have a scoop of Amazing Grasses Green Superfood. A blend of nutritious greens, fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes and probiotics. It supports the immune system, digestion, and maintains the body’s natural alkaline pH levels.
Strategies to Eat Healthy While You Travel

3. Pack Snacks

  • Have snacks packed in your suitcase and in your hand luggage for between meals and to help you avoid the processed biscuits and crackers on the flight.
  • Nuts, nut butter, raw vegetables, fruit, canned salmon/tuna/sardines, protein powder, hummus and buckwheat crackers and all great foods that can either go in your suitcase (buckwheat crackers, nut butters) or buy them fresh when you arrive.

4. Hydration

  • Super important to keep your self hydrated while you travel. Dehydration has many negative effects on the body including decreased concentration levels, and can lead to unhealthy food choices, not the best when you are trying to avoid the air-plane lollies! Dehydration will also exacerbate jet lag.
  • Make sure you have a water bottle with you on the plane and sip on it as much as possible. It may mean more trips to the toilet, but they will be worth it!
  • Don’t forget your electrolytes! Fly1above is a great drink supplement and I swear it saved me from experiencing any jet lag on my flight to Dubai from New Zealand. It contains B vitamins, electrolytes and grapeseed extract which has been proven to help circulation and blood flow. Another great highly-reviewed product is Onnit 180, an all natural blend designed to help the body recover.
Strategies to Eat Healthy While You Travel

5. Research

Do your research before you fly. Find out exactly where you are staying and google local food stores, farmers markets or Whole Foods. Take a small trip to one of these places and stock up on fresh produce on your arrival.

6. Speak up

Speak to the hotel and ask if they can prepare you a meal to your dietary specifications. They may say no (or not speak english!!) but always worth a try.

7. Use your apps or are both great websites to help you research healthy food places in your area when you travel, or look on to find your nearest Whole Foods or else is a website to help you find gluten free food places in your town.

Whether you are an air hostess, you travel for business or you are planning a holiday, don’t let travelling be an excuse to let your healthy eating habits go out the window. Being away from home does make it a little harder to eat healthy meals, but with the correct planning and preparation as well as a bit of motivation, it can be done!