4 Simple Diet Changes to Make For Easy Weight Loss

5 Simple Diet Changes to Make For Easy Weight Loss

Most people avoid seeing a nutritionist or are apprehensive about making changes to their diet because they think it will be hard, and like every human afraid to fail. As a nutritionist I will not put you on a diet, I will not count your calories, I will not make you weigh your food and count your macros, I will not give you a cheat day where binging on whatever you want is encouraged followed by emotional guilt that you will naturally experience.

My goal is to teach and educate you so you achieve your goal and for majority of my clients this is to lose fat. You will learn what foods will fuel your body, fill you with energy, make you feel amazing and of course what foods will do the opposite. I want to make this process as easy as possible for you, focusing on the changes that will use the least amount of effort, cause the least amount of worry and stress while giving you maximal results. Here 5 simple diet changes to make for easy weight loss that I want you to start immediately!

It won’t happen overnight, it won’t happen in a week it may even take months, but it will happen. Every change you make; you need to ask yourself “can I maintain this forever?

Switch your white carbohydrate options to brown options. Changing your white pasta to whole grain, buckwheat or brown rice pasta. Changing your white rice to brown or wild rice. Your white bread to whole grain bread.


White carbohydrates are quickly broken down into sugar causing a blood insulin spike. Brown or whole grain carbohydrates are slowly broken down and cause a gradual insulin response, keeping you fuller for longer and reducing sugar cravings.

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Include half a plate of veggies with every dinner meal. Regardless of what you eat for dinner make sure half of your plate is covered in vegetates. Macaroni and cheese? No problem, just load up half your plate with a salad.


This is an important rule for controlling your portion sizes, which are far too big for most people in the evening! Vegetables also contain important vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that most people lack in their diet.

Add protein to your breakfast. Toast for breakfast? Add 2 eggs! A fruit smoothie? Throw in a scoop of protein powder or a small handful of almonds.


Protein will keep you full up until lunch time, whereas a breakfast based around carbohydrates will leave you feeling hungry and reaching for the biscuits at 10am.

Have your carbohydrates after you exercise. If you eat rice with your dinner but you train at 6am, skip the evening rice (double your vegetables!) and add oats or sweet potato to your breakfast post-workout.


During and after exercise, muscle cells more readily take up the glucose and store it as glycogen instead of fat cells taking it and storing it as triglycerides.

Add healthy fats into your diet. Eat avocado every day for breakfast, add seeds and olive oil to your salads and include a palm sized portion of nuts in your day.


Healthy fats will fill you up and stabilize blood sugar levels. They are also responsible for joint health, cell transport, fat soluble vitamins, brain function, skin and hair health and many other roles in the body!

Remember to keep your weekly goals and challenges simple and something that is easily achievable. The reason why diets fail is because they are too difficult, cause feelings of stress and eventually we just give up. Work on the tips above and slowly change small parts of your diet and lifestyle.