Q&A #6 Alcohol & Weight Loss + Hangovers

The question I received was “what is the best alcohol to drink for weight loss”. I thought this would be a perfect video to do as we approach Christmas and summer. Because in reality, a lot of drinking happens over this time of year.

And while as a nutritionist I should we doing a video on the negative effects alcohol has on your body, because there are a lot of negative effects and at the end of the day I recommend you limit your alcohol consumption regardless of your goals. 

However, I think it is pretty inevitable that alcohol will be drunk especially around Christmas time and I just want to give you a few tips to help drink smarter you make the best choices when it comes to intake.

Tips for alcohol drinking

  •  So when someone asks me what alcohol is the worst and best for weight loss. Of course you want to avoid the drinks with the sugar added like those pre-mixes. But the alcohol percentage is important as well. The alcohol with the highest % will have the most amount of calories so I would suggest you go for something that is lower in alcohol, you will notice all those low carb and low cal beers are just really low in alcohol percentage.
  • It will be a good idea to drink non-alcoholic between your alcoholic drinks. So you could skull a big glass of water before topping up your wine glass, you could make a nice drink of soda water with fresh mint and fresh lemon, you could make a drink of soda water, lemon and bitters which is really nice. You could also buy a few bottles of kombucha to have on hand as these are a great alternative to alcohol. 
  • You could make a healthy ice slushy drink by blending watermelon, frozen strawberry, lime juice and mint.
  • I think the best drink you could have is maybe a soda water, lemon or lime wedge and a spirit because you can control how much of the vodka you add into it. If you could do half a shot instead of a full shot.
  • Another tip I have is when you drink  alcohol - your body sees alcohol as sugar so your blood sugar levels and insulin will rise which can then lead to sugar and snack cravings. To help keep your blood sugar levels balanced I recommend you have a really good meal before you drink. Make sure it contains quantity protein, healthy fats, veggies and unprocessed carbs. So this could be a big chicken salad with avocado and sweet potato.

To avoid getting a hangover and how to cope with it:

I think we can all agree the worst part about drinking is the hangover the next day and with that comes bad food choices, laziness and all that. So I have also put together a few tips for you to avoid getting a hangover.

  • Before you go to bed, drink A LOT of water. Most hangover symptoms are usually just dehydration.
  • Start your day off with a lemon water as this will hydrate you and also help to kick start your liver into detox mode.
  • Get up in the morning, no mater how hungover you are and exercise. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, just go for walk and you will honestly feel so much better!
  • Make sure you replenish your electrolytes (potassium & magnesium) because alcohol is a diuretic where you end up peeing most of your electrolytes out. So have a banana with a handful of nuts before you sleep so replace those electrolytes. Coconut water is also great as it naturally contains electrolytes so will really help to hydrates you. Just make sure you get 100% coconut water. Have this before you sleep and also when wake up.
  • Add antioxidants to your breakfast as alc does cause a lot of inflammation. So a good way to start your morning if you have a bit of a hangover is a smoothie with banana, spinach, almonds and coconut water for electrolytes, a handful of berries that will act as anti-inflammatory and maybe also add a little bit of turmeric as this will also act as an anti-inflammatory and help the liver out a bit with detoxification.
  • If you stomach feels a bit sick the next day I would avoid high fat foods, I think it is commonly thought that you should cook up a big fatty fry up when your hung over, not sure how this came about…maybe because you need to replace your electrolytes so salty foods. But I think you should definitely keep your meal lighter that is easy to digest esp if your stomach is feeling off.