Q&A #4 - What Causes Binge Eating & How to Stop it

Binge eating is a topic no one really talks about too much in the health industry. But it does affect so many people! It actually scares me how many woman message me and tell me about their struggles with binge eating.

I really wanted to film this video and share some strategies and things for you to think about it if binge eating is something that you struggle with. Keep in mind that this isn’t something that you can change in a week or even a month, it can take a bit time so be patient and focus on the small wins.

Stop Dieting

Forget diets and foods restrictions as every diet will lead to some sort of binge.  You know that feeling when you tell yourself you shouldn’t do something or you can not eat a certain food….and then you just want to eat it even more and can not stop thinking about it. That is what happens in mind when you follow a diet.

So instead of going on another diet, counting calories and thinking about all the foods you can’t eat instead focus on all the foods you need to be adding into your diet. Think about having at least 7 servings a vegetables a day, healthy fats with every meal, protein with every meal, make some healthy treats and you will find the binge eating urges will get less and you will feel in more happier place with your food.


My next tip is to think about your emotions and how you really feel during moments of binge eating. When you eat purely to nourish your body, you will stop when you feel satisfied. But when you are eating for comfort where food is being used to replace or forget certain feelings such as loneliness or feelings of stress and anxiety then binge eating can happen.

So what you need to do is really think about how you feeling and what is going on in your life that is causing these feelings. Come up with strategies or activities that you can do that will help you to deal with your feelings without turning to food.

Forget perfection

Something else that can trigger binge eating is having the mindset that everyday needs to be perfect and your diet needs to be perfect all the time. This is so unrealistic and really isn’t a healthy thought to have. Because on that one day where you do eat something that you shouldn’t really eat then your mind will just be filled with negative thoughts, self-doubt that can very easily lead to binge eating.

You need to accept you are going to have days that are not perfect. Remember its what you eat everyday that matters, not what you eat every now and then.

You also need to learn to forgive yourself if your food isn’t that great or if you do binge. Forgive yourself for what you ate yesterday and what you ate over the weekend accept it happened and move on.


A lot of binge eating stems from mindlessness so not being mindful of yourself in the present moment or thinking about how you are feeling and what you doing. So it is really important to eat in a relaxed state and be present with your food. Enjoy and savour every single mouthful, think about all the different amazing nutrients that you are nourishing your body with.

Tune in to your appetite and start to learn when you are actually hungry. If you are hungry then have some food – have a snack and don’t try and ignore it. I see this a lot with people not eating enough during the day at work then they come home in the evening and end up bingeing because they are hungry and exhausted.

Practice Self-Love

Lastly I think it is just so important to be kind to yourself and practice a bit of self love because self-hate will only send you further into a downwards spiral. In my 12 week mind and body transformation guide I have dedicated all of week 1 to helping you change your mindset and changing the way you think about food and also the way you think about yourself. Having a positive mindset is honestly the foundation to any health and esp any weight loss journey. You can download week 1 for free here.

Once more thing if you are struggling to manage binge eating on your own then seek help from a counselor. The advice on my blog and ebook can certainly help but I do think it is important to seek help from a professional and talk to them about what you are going because they can definitely help.