How to Stop Night-time Snacking

Night time snacking is probably the worst habit that people have that ultimately sabotages their weight loss goals. Some times you might actually be hungry which is causing you to snack after dinner, but most of the time it is just habit and mindless eating. Here are my top tips on how you can break that night time snacking habit.

1. Eating the right foods throughout the day

Avoid processed foods that are going to spike their blood sugar levels and your insulin. And also that each meal contains healthy fats. Healthy fats  turn off hunger hormones and make you feel satisfied and full. Make sure you add them to your dinner and some examples are: avocado, fatty fish like salmon, seeds or olive oil.

2. Habit

Recognise that your snacking may just be a habit that you have got yourself into. Becoming aware of the behavior is the first step and from here you can devise strategies to break this habit. 

Something that I do because after dinner snacking is something I used to struggle with is straight after my dinner a have a herbal tea. I find this tells my body that I am done eating for the day. Plus you really don’t feel like eating chocolate after having a peppermint or licorice tea. 

Something else you could try is brushing your teeth, and maybe instead of watching tv after dinner, brush your teeth and get into bed with a book. Quite often watching tv is a trigger for mindless snacking.

3. Tip number 3 is to get rid of trigger foods

If you find yourself snacking or biscuits and chips then simply stop buying them. Out of sight, out of mind really is a true saying. If you know the biscuits are in your cupboard then it becomes very hard to not think about them and not eat them. 

The other day I found myself in my cupboard looking for a tasty snack, I wasn’t hungry at all I was just bored and wanted a snack. But there was literally nothing nice to eat so I closed my cupboard and got back to what I was doing.

4. Make a healthy treat

You may just genuinely feel like having dessert which I think is perfectly fine every now and then. If you follow my for a while then you probably know I am all about moderation, and I love healthy treats and desserts!

So instead of digging into a tub of ice cream make a healthy treat like the ones I have on my blog. They are super satisfying and you actually feel good after eating them!